Rite Height 4 Forks???

HEY,I nm putting new seals on my forks(kx250)and i was thinking of droping the forks down a lil (1/4 inch)., that is as far as i can move them.Iam a taller rider .but i dont want to change the way it handels to much unless it will track better or turn sharper.. PLEACE GIVE ME YOUR OPINION?????? FIRST RIDE THIS WEEKEND SUPPOST TO B IN THE 50s LOL THATS IOWA.... :thumbsup: iam making the bike taller when i say doping them down(thats what i meant anyways EXTENDING THEM......... :bonk: ( my bad) the BOOGIEMAN.............BOO

this will increase straight line stability at high speeds, but the bike will go into turns a bit slower. it WILL make a drastic change in the bikes handling. 1/4 inch is a big change for lowering or raising the forks in the clamps.

I guess its good that some people can tolerate the fact that others cant be bothered to spell like a human when asking others for help.

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