Wednesday after work ride 1/25/06 w/ pics

Decided to take a few pics during a typical after work ride....


Look to the right of the first pic....this is the hole, right on the trail, be careful out there guys these are lurking...


This is the view of the trail standing next to that mineshaft...looking north


This is a view looking tward Trona,CA thats the Panamint range in the background, Mansons Cabin is out there among other things


This is another mineshaft to the left of the bike in the last pic


This is the trail leading up to the viewpoint I took the last pics at


This is the view looking east from the same vantage point, thats the Spangler hills in the background


Looking south from the same point, thats Red Mountain on the right in the background


Looking east again, the flat topped mountain is Pilot Knob, Down in the valley in the middle of the pic is Teagle Wash (staging area for Dist 37 races in the area)


Some cool rocks from a new vantage point, looking north thats China Lake Naval Weapons Center in the background


Looking east from previous point, thats a fun hillclimb


Look out for these bad boys, they will get ya


Fun 35 Mi run through some varied terrain, Hills, Sand Washes, Whooped out trails, Technical singletrack through Boulder gardens.......Come on out, Lets ride.

nice conditions......... oh we are wet n muddy up here this weekend.

Damn work PC, can't see anything. You must be using photobucket!!!


Well I went and used dial-up from another PC and was able to see the pictures. Don't ya just love our back yard?? When you gonna DS that thing?

Thanks for sharing.

What you dont see the plate??????

I see a SKID plate.....hee hee.

It's about time for a night ride DD, after the HD250 this weekend I'd be up for it.

See ya round.

Awesome photos... that bring back great memories. Many a great weekend I have spent camping and riding in the Ridgecrest/Red Mountain area. It was always my favorite riding/racing spot. I stopped riding about 15 years ago and have been seriously been considering getting a bike again. These pics might just force me to get a new bike :thumbsup:


Wow Ive always wanted to explore that area. Ill ring ya sometime and you can show me around :thumbsup:

that looks like some sweet riding,there is alot of stuff like that here in reno, and virginia city foothills, i woulk like to ride there, where exactly is that?

Wow Ive always wanted to explore that area. Ill ring ya sometime and you can show me around :thumbsup:

Ditto. Looks fun, and nice pics, thanks! Who's going to the Adelanto Grand prix? I'll be cruising my DRZ400 dual sport.

Seriously, I want to check out Ridgecrest soon. I live in Victorville. My mom owns the Steer N' Stein Restaurant across the freeway from the mall at Bear valley Rd. I always wonder if TTers eat there?

For all of you guys wanting to explore Ridgecrest... we have a standing ride (if I can ever get Dust Devil to show up for one). We meet at the Shell station on China Lake Blvd. It's easy to find.... just turn off 395 on Business 395 (china lake blvd) like you are going to Ridgecrest. The shell station will be a mile or so on the right as you come into town.

Rides are every Sunday morning at 9:00.

See y'all there.


I am riding next sunday jim...I dont know if I will be back in town by 9 though, I am going to the supercross on sat night so I might not leave LA until 7 or 8 AM sun morn.

Id have to wake up perty dam early to make that ride. Id have to leave my house at.......

about 1:30 AM to make it there by nine. And then Id get home at...ohh midnight Sunday night.

Someday Ill take you up on that :thumbsup:

Dust Devil,

Dude... I am going to Supercross Saturday night also. We have a ton of people going down early. We'll be tailgating in my RV. You are more than welcome to join us.


If you want to drive all the way down here for a ride, I'll make sure you have a place to stay... and it won't be the motel 6.


I've got your # Jim, I'll call ya to find out where you are parked and drop by for a cool one ....or 10. :thumbsup:

The best RV parking (away from the crazies and not patrolled by the cops as much) is off of Orangewood, enter the lot go straight, and then left when you can, you end up west of the stadium, its eaisy to get out from there as well.

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