silver paint for frame

Anyone know where I can get silver paint for the frame of my xr? I would like to use rustoleum or something like that. does not have to match exactly. just want to freshen it up to keep the rust down. It will eventually get a all black frame but until then....


Rustoleum works OK, but your boots will wear it off quickly.

I used CAT black engine paint the last time I painted my frame and it has yet to wear off. strong stuff. Available at any CAT dealer.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

Don't use Rustoleum unless it is acrylic. Plain old Rustoleum is not fuel resistant and that could get ugly.

I had really good luck with Duplicolor spray that was specifically a silver paint for wheels. It matched very closely on my 250. Many autoparts stores carry this line as well as Wallyworld.

try Hammerite (sp?) they have it at Home Depot and OSH, very very tough, but it does not have a smooth finish, kinda comes out w/ a hammerd look. kinda cool very hard to chip and scratch

PJ1 make s the factory silver gray paint used on the XR's I just bought a can from Pit Posse. Perfect match and also very tough.

thanks guys. I'll stay away from rustoleum. :thumbsup:

anyother ideas on paint? Not sure if I can get to a CAT dealer or not.

Black would be good.

PJ1 makes frame paint. they make that grey and they also make black. my GF's XR 250 came from a kid who painted the frame black and it looks great. held up well last season, too.

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