Kilauea Crusher Desert Scramble - Woohoo!


Well, I decided for my New Year's resolution that I was going to finally give some sort of racing a try! Friends that I ride with belong to the "Off Camber Motorcycle Club" here in AZ and are putting on this desert scramble.

I have been struggling getting all the information I need to understand, enter and compete at one of these. It seems there is not one person that can answer all the questions I've had... but between word of mouth, AMA, AMRA and OCMC I think I've got a handle on this....

As first everyone was calling this an Enduro and the name implies a Scramble. So I was very confused. Now I know it's the first across the finish line right? Not racing time?? We take off a 1 minute intervals. Two at a time. What is the proper etiquette when someone comes up behind you and wants to pass when you are on single track? Do you have to dive off into the desert to let em by? Is the big thing with a scramble technical terrain?? Or is that just an enduro?

Oh and what does a transponder do?? Where do you carry this? Should I buy one?

I am nervous and super excited to finally compete on a dirtbike....... if I like it I would like to hit all the venues this year! Well enough babbling! Ya'all have a good weekend! :thumbsup:

p.s. say hi if you see me out there! 32S is my number!

You should post this on Most of the people involved with setting it up are on there and can answer your questions.

I just picked up my big bike recently and plan to do the AMRA races. Probably won't make this race, but I plan on doing the one in March. Should be fun.

Anyways, congrats on deciding to race, I think you'll really like the AMRA races.

I had an awesome time today! I learned alot in that first race. I want to do it again! Thanks to AMRA and Off Camber Motorcycle Club for alot of fun! :thumbsup:

If you are starting in 1 minute intervals its a timed event, its not whoever comes in first its who has the fastest time. Oh ya if someone comes up behind you let them buy, if they catch you there faster than you.

GOOD LUCK! :thumbsup:

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