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KLX650C Questions

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So I bought my 1993 KLX650C last night, rode it to work this morning (as well as around a bit when I got it home last night) and have afew questions.

Bike has 4500 miles on it, and is supposed to be completely stock. I like the bike, great power going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait for spring to come so I can ride it all the time.

1. However, I am noticing this bike "hangs" up on throttle release. What I mean by this is that when I let go of the throttle, say when I am coming to a stop, the engine RPM drops a bit, but seems to hang in the 2,500 RPM range for a few seconds before finally dropping to 1,200 or so. Sometimes I have to play with it a bit to get it to drop down. Is this normal? I seem to remember my old VTR1000 Honda doing this, though at a much lesser level, until I re-jetted it and installed free flowing mufflers, and that thing had a huge carb on it. It's weird coming to a stop and hving the engine racing a bit because the clutch is pulled in.

2. The rear shock seems VERY soft and tends to "settle", my guess it needs a rebuild. Any ideas as to what I should do? Rebuild the stocker or is there something else I should do to it? Anything else that will fit the bike?

3. I should probably rejet it because it seems very lean, especially after like 4,000 RPM up until the redline area. So should I but a jet kit? Or is there a change I can make that works and un-does the EPA leaning? What works best for settins on a completely stock bike?

4. Anything in the way of free and easy mods to open it up a bit? Like air box changes, setting, etc. that will wake it up a bit? It pulls well, but honestly it seems a bit neutered for my tastes. Not looking for a monster, but anything to make it pull harder and cleaner all the way to the top would be nice.

Think that's it. Anything else anybody knows to help me out a bit?



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Hi Mike. Congrats on the bike !

My bike has also had that hanging high idle ever since I got it back in Aug 03.

Since then I have rejetted, removed airbox snorkel and put an aftermarket muffler

on it, all of which increased performance and had zero impact on the hanging idle.

Been told by some that this is a symptom of an air leak somewhere, but I have

been unable to find any air leaks. Searching the messages in the KLX650 group

there at Yahoo I found that many others have had the same problem, but no

specific and universal solution seems to have been discovered.

I have just gotten used to it, and just pop it into gear and ease the clutch out a

bit when it happens and it drops right down to normal idle.

Think it is just the nature of the beast.

Re: The shock. The 93 model is known for the weak rear shock. Believe Kaw

made some adjustments to it in the subsequent years. As I use mine primarily on

the street, and only weigh in at 150lbs, it doesn't bother me much.

Think a rebuild on the shock is the only real fix.

Stock, the C model has #40 pilot and #138 main jet. (R model has a #155 main!)

So you are right, it is lean. Rather than buy a jet kit, I just put a #42 pilot, #148

main in and shimmed the needle with a washer. Worked great and saved me at

least $50.

More info on the above, and more is available in that Yahoo KLX650 group.

Highly recommend you check that out.

Overall, the bike has been great. Had 3900 miles on it when I got it, and it is

up too 9300 miles now. (Froze myself riding it too work today, but still fun.)

Do keep a close eye on the oil level. Mine has always consumed some oil.

The consumption has dropped quite a bit since I stuck a Waterra valve into the

crankcase breather hose. Again, more info on that at the Yahoo group.

Good luck, and have fun !


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Yep the rear shock sucks so have it rebuilt and get a spring on there that matches your wieght. It is more that 10 years old you know!! Trying to find something from White Power or Works Performance that will work for mine. I have the same hang up on the RPMs. It seems that there is an air leak between the cylinder head and the intake boot. Even if you cant see it, doesnt mean it isnt there. Some have said this is the most likely place for the air leak and there again, the rubber is more than 10 years old. Have fun with the bike and congrats. I really do like mine.


94 XRL

95 KLX C

02 Dakar

03 1100S

06 640 Adventure (hopefully) :thumbsup:

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Think I got "most" of the hanging up taken care of. It much better and much more normal feeling for a bike with a restrictive exhaust, stock airbox and stock jetting.

Took the bike for a nice jaunt on the highway yesterday and noticed when I got off the idle was way up near 3500 RPM. I did a little adjusting on the idle screw and dropped it down to the 1,200 range and the bike runs MUCH better. My guess is the idle was just way too high and was sort of messing with the fuel flow.

And the fact that the gas in it smells like turpentine makes me think a feul system flush is in order.

I also spent some time cleaning the bike a bit and getting to know it and found the airbox is REALLY restrictive, but with the stock jetting the bike ran like ass with the snorkel removed.

So I think I'll at some point get a pipe (nothing too loud, if anyone has any ideas), de-restrict the airbox and re-jet it, but for now I just need to find a used R shock to get re-built.

Anyway, on my way now to KLX ownership bliss, thanks for the info.


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with your bike at idle spray some WD-40 on the intake etc... if she smokes its got a air leak. might help to pin point the area.

instead of re-building the turd shock, look at a used cheap WP, ohlins that would fit, have IT rebuilt to your specs? maybe.

check your shock/swingarm linkage for grease

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Ive got a second set of wheels with brand new 50/50 (street/dirt) tires for the klx650c for sale. Bought the wheels for my r model, put tires on them and then found out that with the cush drive the swingarm on my r isnt wide enough. Thes e would be great for streat riding. Then you could put straight knobbies on the others for dedicated dirt riding. The wheels have the sprocket and brake rotors attached.

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I paid $300 for the wheels alone. They came with the axles, and brake rotors and rear sprocket attached. the tires are brand new. Just got them mounted on the wheels today. Can post pix. I would like to get $400 so i can get a correct set of wheels for my KLX650R. The set im selling is a 21in front with 11 1/2 in brake rotor, and the rear is a 17in with a 9in brake rotor. The tires are 90/90 21 front and 130/80 rear.

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