93 radiator interchangable

i have a 93 yz 250 and i found a set of 01 radiators will they work on my 93 ? they look alot alike any help would be great thankx

im almost certain the bolt holes to the frame are different because the 93 rads mounted lower on the frame and they are different dimmensions but if you bolt them up i dont see any reason they wouldnt work. Im 99% sure the shrouds wont line up even if they do bolt to the frame.

Take the radiators off the 93 and compare them side by side to the 01s. I just put a pair off an 04 on my 2000 yz125. had to make a couple small brakets because the newer radiator bolts up a little different on the back side. After it was all back together you cant tell the difference.

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