Riding double on the WR450

Anybody ever found a good way for a second person to ride on the 450? The bike certainly has the power, but I havent found a good place for my woman to put her feet while riding. Or a place to put feet pegs. Any one else ridding double?


2005 WR450

If you look around some of the catalogs or bike shops you might find some of those rear pegs that clamp around the swingarm.

Good luck, and don't fling her off the back, wives don't like that too much :thumbsup:

I tried some clamp on pegs on the swingarm, but it's pretty tight on the seat. Not a good two up bike for anything over a mile or so.

4 strokes only, or one of the other dual sport companies sells some peg mounts that attach to the subframe tubes...they look pretty clean and won't go up & down with the swingarm...can you say unsprung weight?! I had an XL250 years ago which had the buddy pegs in the swingarm. Had gf that loved to ride in the dez. She'd stand on the pegs and boy did that make the bike handle like crap....

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