Clarke stock size gas tank info

I recently spoke with "the owner" and she said that it is available in clear, white, yellow, blue, dark blue, and black. When I asked what measures they took to prevent the dreaded cracks at the rear of the tank, she said their tank was about the same thickness, but because they use crosslinked HDPE, it should not crack.


I just installed the Clarke (blue) YZ 3.3 gallon tank on my 98 WR... What a difference in handling.. I have used the tank in about 3 enduros, with no defects to date... my scores have dropped dramatically, due to this tank/seat combo.. I put Factory Effex graphics on and all seems to be fine for now.



I should have said YZF stock size.

my friend just got his on and he said it was good quality. it looked like stock to me with NO clark embossed on the side, just the bottom-hehe. he broke his and gas ran onto the icy cold header. luckily there was no fire!!!

Has anyone had experience with the Clear? Is the Clarke thinner too? I stand a lot and even standing that tank is hard to grip with my legs, let alone the seated turn scenario. Anyway, just wondering about the colors. Have seen the white/clear in mags before, but wondering about discoloring. Also heard that some of the Clarke tanks were more prone to off-gassing fuel smell through the plastic, more so than say an IMS. Now this could have been on older tanks with different compostition too.

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