dynojet! jetting

Hi, im about to buy a dynojet kit for my bike just wanted to check whether it will come with all the jets i need or will i need to purchase extra if so what would you recommend. My S has the 3x3 mod, k&n filter, race exhuast and hotcams intake and exhaust. I ride at sea level but live in the U.K if this makes a difference, thanks

Normally, the practice is to not use any of the jets in the DJ kit, just the needle.

But......you stated you have the hot cams I&E. What stage?

What jets are you running now? Your probably already way carb limited, get a FCR.

Dont know what the jets are had it set up a long time ago in a shop. Would like to but cant afford an FCR really. I think the hotcams are stage 1


Just a word of note for you - If you're running the standard jets you'll probably have to go bigger. I don't have cams, but I'm running a dynojet kit (sort of).

I've been trying to get bigger main jets for my dynojetted DRZ for ages now. So far no luck. It seems really hard to get jets for the mukini carb in the UK. Certainly I ordered jets from Dirtbike store at the start of Dec. and I'm still waiting for delivery. It's nothing against the guys at Dirtbike store - they are friendly and helpfull, it just seems getting the jets is a pig. None of my local bike shops can get them.

Also, the Dynojet kit is £87 ukp.

My bike still isn't running right due to my need for bigger jets. In the end, I ended up buying an FCR carb and the bits to make it run. That is happening this weekend! :-)

Basically, it's not that much more expensive to buy an ebay FCR and the air boots etc. Basically the FCR and accesories cost £50ukp more than the dynojet kits and the jets to get it working properly.

Just something you might want to consider... :-)

Either way, the DRZ is a hoot!


The other reason i wasn't to keen on the FCR is the effect it,ll have on my mpg. If you buy the dynojet kit from the TT shop it only equals about £50. Can anyone help me with what jetting i will need as i can order the jets at the same time, thanks

ps let us know how you get on with the FCR

This is what I did with my 04 drz. Keep in mind I have stock cams and no mods to the motor. Dynojet kit. Use the needle. e-clip and spring from the kit. Install 140 main jet and 25 pilot jet. Adjust mixture screw to 2.5-3.0 turns out. Did this last weekend and took it out on almost 300 mile mix of highway, country roads, logging roads and some single track this weekend and it runs great. I live at sea level and we may have gone as high as 2,000 feet yesterday. Remember, I have stock engine and I'm runing a 14tooth counter gear and stock rear sprocket.




Good luck I hope this helps but with the cams you may need to use different jets and make sure you do the 3x3. If gas mileage is a factor I got approx 45 mpg with the mix of riding.

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