How good is the 450xc?

I have been riding Yamaha's for a while now, and thinking about the 450xc due to the fact I like to race desert, I would greatly appreciate any feed back on owning a KTM.

Thanks in advance

Unless Yamaha decides to take the awesome YZ450F, soften the suspension a touch, add e-start and a lighting coil, put on an 18" rear tire and add a sixth gear with a low first gear... the XC450 will be the best desert bike on the market.

There are other bikes out there that beat the XC450 in specific areas, but overall, the XC450 is it.


it's real good. how is that?

two of my buddies ride wr450's all tricked out and set up for baja.

they each took a spin on my bike and where amazed how planted, nimble and light it felt.

the motor is also very strong, though the wr pulls it on a really long wide open straight due to the wr's wide ratio tranny.

But I really do not need to go over 90mph anyway.

don"t "f" around get the 525 i had a 450 and a 525 the 525 is the way to go and its only a few more dollars...............

What kind of hp is this bike putting out? I weigh 200lbs and ride pretty fast, I also like climbing hills, how would I compare it to my yz450 heavily moded for offroad? I'm not expecting the same power, but is it close?

I only have 3 hrs. on my 450 XC, but can't tell you how impressed I am w/ it. It really feels like a MX'er that's been modded for off-road, rather than an enduro-type bike.

It feels much lighter than it's real weight, has plenty of smooth power (but not near as tiring as a YZ450), and the suspension is surprisingly good stock - it doesn't beat me up near as much as my resprung/revalved YZ does. There's a gear for every situation from climbing walls to flat-out hauling, and the e-start, kickstand, and pre-wiring for lights are nice added conveniences. It's also much easier to work on (so far) than my prior Japanese bikes, w/ very nice hardware and design that's obviously done by people who actually work on bikes.

The 450 has a lot of nice benefits over the 525, which seems to be a very slightly modded MXC:

- short stroke engine, which is less tiring and makes the bike lighter feeling/more agile

- 18/20mm adjustable billet triple clamps

- slim ergos w/ just enough gas for a 2 hr. race, vs. the oversized tank on the 525

- cooler graphics :thumbsup:

How good is the xc? Its about as good as it gets.

You really think a 525 will outrun a 450XC? I would bet that up to 75 or so the XC would outperform the 525? Certainly a lot more entertaining to ride!

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