hey guys, A buddy of mine just got a cabin in breckinridge so I plan on exploiting the hell out of it. Can anyone recommend any good trails with detailed directions to get to the trail heads? Also if you could give some detail about difficulty it would be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

Okl first of all you do realize that all the riding in breck is snowed under and usually is until may/june minimum.A large hunk of land(1800 acres) has just been purchased by the town for open space/recreation.We are all waiting to see what happens.The riding is alot of jeep roads and int/expert single track.not much is marked.The best way to find the good stuff is to go out w some locals.If you want to check it out contact me when the snow melts.Until then I'll be ridin' pueblo and grand junction.Keep 'er pinned.buuurp

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