Posted this in the suspension forum, no luck

I ride and race a 2003 XR250 in NETRA harescrambles. I weigh 155 pounds. Here is a short clip of me at one of my races last year. You can see how suspension helps slow me down. If you could give me some suggestions on settings or anything please do. Thanks. My complaints. The forks feel like they blow through the stroke without the plushness I would like. My shock is what bothers me the most. It feels like it doesn't absorb the the impact and rebounds way too hard. Like the back end wants to buck up if I go over rough sections.

I ended up having to replace the shock with a unit from Progresive and I had the front forks reworked by RaceTech. That did the trick. My XR now handles real well in the woods. It offers a "plush" ride as you said and the shock is real forgiving even when the old XR leaves the ground by more than 6 ft, yet it still soaks up the ruts and rocks real well without hopping all over the place.

Shock- Ebay $150

Forks- RaceTech $149

My knowledge is re: the XR400 but the 250 is a similar machine. I have replaced the fork springs (from 39 kg to 42 kg) and assume the 250 ones are the same which are too soft. You can tune race sag at the rear and the stock spring should be OK for your weight. If you have too much sag, the steering won't be a sharp. There are many postings on suspension tuning. Read these and play with your settings before you spend money on suspension mods.

GlennF... Replacing the springs in the front end is an easy home job that would make a world of difference in his bike for little money, great idea! But I found the shock to be another story. It seemed no matter how I adjusted it, it still skipped around, a lot like DS is describing. In his video he seemed to carry good speed through the woods and IMHO I think he would save a lot of time by just replacing the shock. The stock XR 250 shock seems to just wanna trail ride and nothing else. When pushed it pushes back.

Just my .02. :thumbsup:

dirtsquirt101 if you want to be competitive on the xr you need expert suspension tuning. Send your forks and shock to WER in Jenny Jump, NJ. "Works" suspension for your xr. Spend the money on the suspension before you mod the motor to a 280. Trust me ..been there ... done that.

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