confused newbie bout 04 vs 05 yzf vs crf

Sorry everyone. newbie here. I know you hear this daily....But I just joined.

Had 01 YZ426 and loved it 3 years ago. got out of riding for awhile. Am now in market. Have found numerous 05 CRF450's for around 5k. Found 1-05 YZF450, ridden 10 times for $4600. I was leaning towards the honda JUST cause I want to be able to control my bike a little more, so every pound saved seems logical to me (Im 180 lbs.) The 426 was Awesome, but it took me where it wanted to go. I dont race, dont even ride that hard. I am so confused. I cant ride different colors to try them out. I live in small town. Some say a 05 YZF is to slow. So whats a man to do? 03, 04 or 05 YZF, or 05 CRF? HELP!!! :thumbsup:

I really doubt anything that you've listed being too slow. I just got back in this crazy stuff,away over 12 years...Was looking at a few new/used 04,05,06...came across a new "leftover"05 YZ450 that I couldnt say no to.... Figured the difference in cost verses the difference in how fast I would go not worth it,lol...just my opinion...check out all of them..there pretty much a tie. Its just a matter of color if I could only find plastic in yellow for my 450 YZ.....Charlie

2003 model had the hardest "hit", that is; the powerband hit really hard and the bike was refererred to as being "uncontrollable", and overly aggressive.

2004 model (which I have), had a slightly tamed down powerband, better forks (48mm versus 46mm), Titanium footpegs, and a remapped ignition curve.

2005 has even better forks, but some believe it was tamed down too much compared to the 03' and 04' as far as it's "hit".

All the bikes are nice.....but most people lean toward the 04 or 05 since the suspension is better. I think you'd be happy with any, but I'd go with 04 or 05.

I have an 04' and found it great,where in NM are you.

Im in Farmington. :thumbsup:

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