Another wheel size question!

If you switch your front wheel size from an 80-100/21 to a 90-90/21 will you notice any handling difference. I do know what the ratio numbers mean, but that 90-90 sure looks thin.


An 80/100 tire is 3.3" wide with 3.3" of sidewall. PLUS a 21" wheel so tire diameter = (3.3 x 2) + 21 = 27.6"

A 90/90 tire is 3.7" wide with 3.3" sidewall. Tire diameter = 27.6"

So the two tires have the same diameter and the 90/90 is actually wider then the 80/100. Not sure why the 90/90 looks skinny next to the 80/100 unless the 80/100 has some major knobs that make it look wide. I believe the width measurement is taken at the sidewall, not the tread.

As far as handeling, you're talking about a tire that's 0.4" wider. The new tread would probably cause more handeling changes than the tire width.

I don't know... I'm curious to see other responses for this one.


You will notice nothing, the change is so small.

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