Been gone for 3 months - questions?

I spent 1/2 the winter in Brazil kiteboarding, what a great place :thumbsup: Anyway, I have an 04 X that needs a valve job and new top end. Since I have been gone for 3 months, what is the popular opinion these days on stainless steel valves vs. stock, which brand of stainless? And of course what is the latest view of those with the 270 kit? Kind of bummed to loose the R side of the house on this forum. Many guys with great info over there. thanks....

I cant say welcome back because you have been in Brazil for 3 months and it sounds as though you may have had too much fun :thumbsup: anyway I would reckon you go all OEM with an 06 head, you will then have basically an 06 motor on your 04 with all of the valve train improvements.

Asking 'what's the right thing to do about valves' is like asking which tire or pipe works best - you're going to get as many opinions as there are TTr's. So I'll kick it off.

I have the 270 kit, which (like nearly everyone else who has one) I can't say enough good things about. It's the single best mod to the bike, and well worth the $, IMO. I upgraded to the 270 from a hi-comp piston, which is a nice improvement as well, but there's no substitute for the tremendous increase in low end torque that the 270 brings to the engine.

I'm also getting ready to install my third head, and after two stabs with stock Honda parts, I'm going with RHC's SS intakes and springs, in an '06 head (which has new seats which everyone is hoping helps with the valve issue).

There are a lot of Pro Circuit proponents, and I think they're probably very reliable, unfortunately, they also seem to be very expensive. There are also a fair number of people that have gone the Kibble White and Ferrea routes.

Ron Hamp (RHC) contributes to this forum, is a pleasure to deal with, and is very reasonably priced - so I'm trying his solution this time.

Good luck.

What kind and sizes of kites do you have in your quiver?

What kind and sizes of kites do you have in your quiver?

I took 2005 Slingshot Fuels to Brazil in sizes 9, 11 and 13. Used the 11 the most as expected. In the three months I was there, on only 5 days it was not windy enough to use a 13!

Thats sweet. Been a shitty winter thus far in the Northeast with a lack of snow and warm weather. Are you a Slingy sales rep?

What does the head set-up cost from Ron?

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