Aftermarket Sub Frame?

Does any body know where I can get a aftermarket sub frame? The dealer wants 350.00 for new one. And yes its bad enough to replace. Greatly thankfull for any help!! :thumbsup:

i got mine on EBAY for 50$ it is the AC RACING one for the yz-400

i mounted it on my wr-400 1998.

Im sorry I forgot to tell ya I have a 2003 WR450. :thumbsup:

AC Racing makes them, but only for YZ's. The only difference is that they don't have the mounting tabs for the overflow bottle. You can improvise a mounting strap for that. They can be had for around $160. Good quality parts.

Yeah I just picked one up off e-bay for 80 bucks not bad, its off an 04 wr450 and i just installed it on my 03 wr 450. ebay rocks :thumbsup:

Is there any diferance between the 03 and 04 subframe?

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