rear shock question

I have a theory that if i put a thicker weight of oil in my cr80 rear shock thats on my conversion bike that the damping will be greater.

Is my theory true? :thumbsup:



It is correct.

Well it may be better one way and worse the other that being your compression and rebound. What's the problem with it, if it's a newer shock you should get it revalved and have the right spring weight.

I'm NO suspension guy, but I'm pretty sure when you take it a part, you need to re-charge the shock with whatever they recharge it with. (I think it's nitrogen??) But it would slow the rebound down. I watched a guy do it once, it looked fairly easy, but we had to go to a shop and they recharged it to 180 psi (or so).

well, i have rebuilt the shock many times, and every time i get the damping a little better but now it just wont change, i think the spring probably needs to be stiffer since my conversion doesnt have linkage, but i cant find one for a 1983 cr80, so if i get the damping a little stiffer when i land jumps it wont bottom out, when i adjusted my "race sag" it came out good, so i was thinking i just have to go with damping to fix the problem

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