fenders DR650 - other manufacturers?

I want a white fenders (front and rear) for my 2003 DR650....they are currently blue. I want all the plastic on my bike to be white. The tank is already Acerbis white.

Have you guys tried any fenders other than Suzuki? Perhaps Acerbis? I have heard that Yamaha YZ front fenders work....anybody try this?



I have a KTM supermoto finder on mine but I think it only comes in orange and black.


I have looked high and lo for a bolt on rear fender nobody makes one.I wanted black if memory serves me acerbis makes a universal white but not black.I just painted mine I have fallen a few times scratched up everything but the rear fender it is working out good for me.turning blue to white sounds sketchy.A white Universal will be easy to find,stay with acerbis and match perfect they even have hand guards.

All the plastic from a 99 DR650 is white. Front and rear fenders and side plates. :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: White is gonna glare at you when/if you ride at night! :bonk:

I put an white Acerbis front fender on my 03 DR 650. Matches my white Clarke tank.

Looks good and is much larger than the punny stock one. $25.00

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