difference between 05 450 MXC and 06 XC??

I think I understand the motor differences (if I'm not mistaken, the 05 MXC came with the long stroke EXC motor, right?), but are there major frame/suspension differences? I split riding about 50/50 on MX tracks and desert stuff. Looks like I might be able to get an 05 MXC cheap compared to an 06 XC. I presume both versions are lighter than an EXC...I don't need lights. Thanks again, Mark

very different bikes.

the 06 450xc is much easier to set up for mx and trail, though 1st is really low.

06 xc has short stroke motor, suspension changes, gearing changes.

As far as the MXC...

Up to '05 the EXC and the MXC were the same bike EXCEPT for:

EXC: wide ratio tranny (low 1st/high 6th widely spaced) smaller tank, head and tail lights.

MXC: Bigger tank, Close ratio trans (higher 1st/lower 6th tightly spaced) NO lights (but the wireing/parts are there to just add them)

Both share the same engine, ignition, carb Suspension, frame etc, they are all the same mxc or exc.

The XC (at least the 450) is a hybrid of the MXC and the SX (motocross) bikes

The suspension will be stiffer (somewhere between the off road M/EXC and the track SX) and the engine is more SX (explosive power) albiet tamed down a bit w/flywheel etc...than the EXC/MXC (long stroke motor)

If you are doing 50/50 track/trail this is as close as you can get for a do it all bike.

after '05 the XC replaced the MXC

Rod described it well, also the 450XC does not have the spark arrestor nor the behemoth gas tank. 525XC engine, trans & tank remains unchanged from the past MXC which in my mind is really a baha only bike

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