How long does it take for a sorta noob to install jets?

I'm sort of a noob when it comes to wrenching on my bike ('06 WR250F) and I'd like to install a JD jetting kit. I can do basic oil changes and stuff like that.

How much time should I set aside to tear open the carb and install the necessary jets and needle? I'm also planning on putting a #40 leak jet in to cure the off idle bog. Are there any special tools that I'll need? I've got the basics (screwdrivers, rachet, sockets, wrenches) but nothing fancy.

Or is this something that a noob should avoid doing? Last thing I want to to is bust up my carb.

Thanks all!

Let we rip!! its easy you should be able to do it in 30 minutes takeing your time.

Take your time, even if it takes a couple of hours. It's better to go slow the first time & do it right than to hurry & have to redo the job because you messed something up. You can do it!!!

I forgot about that article! Thanks for linking to it - gonna print that out and have it handy while I'm doing the job.

Now to see if I can hunt one down locally so I can have it for this weekend...that's proving to be a trick, though.

I just installed a JD Jetting kit today in my 2006 Husky. I've never taken a carb apart berfore but have done the easy maintnance stuff.

From turning the Zeus fastener to first take the seat off, to having it all back together, the fuel screw set and the petcock off and back in the garage was just under 1 hour.

It was simple using the walkthrough here. A real piece of cake.

Hey thanks MSH! Glad to hear the experience from someone with my same skill level!

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