Speed Wobble Sucks! HELP!

I know I am not the only RMZ250 rider who experiences speed wobble on the whoops or after the landing of a jump. You're just ridin along :thumbsup: then all of a suddenly :bonk: . I seriously had a speed wobble once while still on the whoops that lasted nearly 50 yds. and felt like forever. I've talked to people who don't ride my bike but said their aftermarket susp. helped alot. I thought about a damper; dont know cost. Any suggestions?

Oh yeah and which works better? Damper or suspension?

sounds like your steering steem bearing is a bit loose and also you may want to drop the tubes in the tripple clamps that will help reduce the head shake. As for as the suspension goes you need to set your race sag and make sure all you clickers are in adjustment. Suz. are known for high speed shake due to the front end being tucked in and a short chassis, but lower the tubes should due wonders

my 05 does it bad when me son(110lbs) rides my bike. Conclusion is suspension setup. Set sag, known for "stinkbug" stance, drop forks, see above and maybe soften up front comp? I don't get alot of head shake. I weigh 170lbs.

Riding position has alot to do with headshake. If I am sitting being lazy, just riding the bike, it headshakes alot more. When I am riding it with my legs, I rarely get headshake.

suspension, girls use dampers, and pro offroad (desert) racers.

lol, i used a damper last year, i didnt like it.

I tend to get a wobble in the front end at high speeds when I'm cutting pavement to get to a riding spot. Is this the same thing? My bike is pretty much new still. Probably don't have over 6-8 hours on it.

suspension, girls use dampers, and pro offroad (desert) racers.

I guess that makes Charmichael, Reed, Wyndham etc... girls cause they all use dampers on their MX bikes. Steeper steering angle = sharper turning and more likley headshake. Opposite = not as quick turning and more stability. for steeper angle raise forks and or decrease sag, for opposite result lower forks or increase sag.

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