Unlocking the new XR250

Hey guys,

If this has already been answered can you pls point me in the right direction and I will apologise for asking!

My brother and I bought our dad a new XR250 (I think its 'L' model), you know the new one with the plastic "fake" radiator guards and upside down forks etc.

Anyway, the thing is totally ball-less... it cant even do a wheelie no matter how hard you try. We put a larger rear sprocket on it which helped a little...

anyway we love the suspension but we just want some details on unrestricting the motor. I know we mess with the exhaust but my dad likes it quiet - what are the best things we can do that wont cost anything? Is there something we can do to the carby/air box?

any info would be much appreciated,


Read the 4 threads Stickyed at the top.

Even some of the XR400 tips will work for the XR250.

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