Used 250X versus new 2004 WR250F?

Found a nice used 2004 CRF250X. $3500. Dealer also has a new 2004 Yamaha WR250F. $4900. Any thoughts on which is a better value? I'm an intermediate level trail rider, no racing... We currently have a CRF 100, 150, & 230.



I love my X and would not have anything else, but a new wr would sway me if the crf has had a rough time. Do you know any history of the X to determine this ?

If the X is good what can $1400 saving get you as gear or bike accessories. Or will it be needed for servicing ?

The CRF250X is at a local dealer. As such, no verifiable history... Supposedly, the valves were redone with titanium valves, but no paperwork to prove. Looks like it's in very good condition.

If you were to get the X contemplate changing the Head to an 06 R head with new valves and some other parts and I can then assure you that you will have a bike to rival the aging wr250.

Plus if the bike is in as good a nick as my o4 is with an 06 head, as I will be doing soon, who needs to update.

Just one thing, value wise, other guys are going to better to comment on actual value as I just ain't familiar with what things cost your way.

I see you're from the great state of California...

Something to think about...I don't know if a 2004 WR250 is green sticker. I believe it's a red sticker bike.

Every test I've seen has the Honda out in front. However, the Yamaha seems to have a better reliability record.

I will say my X has been awesome. It's without a doubt the best bike I've ever owned.

FWIW...I've seen some deals for 2005 X's for around the same money as the 2004 WR.

In the end...both bikes are great!

Excellent point. I checked, and sure enough, it's a RED sticker. That's a potential problem, so guess I'll go get the CRF... :thumbsup:

one big factor, you live in California and the X will be Green sticker while the WR will be Red sticker. With the price difference you could get a new top end on the X, go with the X

Done deal. Bought a 2004 250X today. Original owner, older guy. Bike literally like new, not a scratch on it. Never laid down, etc. Meticulous owner rejetted it, installed Boysen powershot, Acerbis hand guards, skid plate, adjusted the valves. Perfect condition, and I mean showroom. $3600 including aluminum loading ramp, owners manual, shop manual, spare jets. I knew the guy was OK when I saw his spotless garage and Weekend Warrior in the driveway with a cover on it. Mr.Clean...

Off to Ocotillo Wells in the morning! :bonk:


2004 CRF250X :thumbsup:

2005 CRF 230F

2005 CRF150F

2005 CRF 100F

NICE, congratz on the sweet find! Enjoy it I love mine.

AWESOME! Love it...

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