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06 slight bog

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2006 250f

I just got done playing with my idle screw. I was having a hard time starting my bike until I played around with it. Now it starts up on the first kick.

My first question is how high do you guys keep your idle turned up?

I also have a slight bog I am looking to get rid of. I have not cleared anything big with the bike yet, but I am messing around on the smaller jumps on my track. I was jumping a little 30 foot double in 2nd gear, and when I landed it cut out so bad I about went over the bars. It was almost like I hit neutral. I can not get a Boyesen quick shot cover because I am running the stock class for Loretta's. Does anyone have any little jetting tips to fix this?

I did a search, but did not quite find what I was looking for.

Thanks for the help

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