06 slight bog

2006 250f

I just got done playing with my idle screw. I was having a hard time starting my bike until I played around with it. Now it starts up on the first kick.

My first question is how high do you guys keep your idle turned up?

I also have a slight bog I am looking to get rid of. I have not cleared anything big with the bike yet, but I am messing around on the smaller jumps on my track. I was jumping a little 30 foot double in 2nd gear, and when I landed it cut out so bad I about went over the bars. It was almost like I hit neutral. I can not get a Boyesen quick shot cover because I am running the stock class for Loretta's. Does anyone have any little jetting tips to fix this?

I did a search, but did not quite find what I was looking for.

Thanks for the help

from what ive heard the 40 leak jet clears that up

How could you NOT find the answer to this question.

Set the float level and get a #40 leak jet.

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