Ebay Plastic Kits Anygood???

Ive been looking for a black plastic kit, and every where I look their at least 100 bucks. But there are some on EBAY for like 35 bucks. Are these any good? What is the difference in the cheap ones and the expensive ones?

mine shattered

my bros are holding up great..

i got a set for like 40$ shipped and it seems to be good. i say if it breaks or w/e it was only 40$ :thumbsup:

Maybe all the kits aren't the same. Could you guys post up the seller id's that you bought from?

I don't know the seller but I bought a set of black plastics for the same price and one of the tank shrouds lasted about a day and the other one lasted about 2 days. The tabs that mount to the bottom of the tank broke off. The rest of the plastics are still intact though.

i've got two sets and they held up fine so far.

the seller i got them from was carolgoat it was really fast shipping and its good stuff

ya i think mine was carolgoat also.think of it this way. acerbis plastics are 150. these are 35 shipped.you can break every single plastic 5 times before you lose money. and plus they are not going going to break. they are high quality. the acerbis have the same chance of breaking.

This is from websellerz. His website is vincoracing.com

the seller i got them from was carolgoat it was really fast shipping and its good stuff

I second this. I used this guy and they work great and came quickly.

it's a girl. it's where i got them from

I got one from ebay. Its pretty good. My buddy got a one industries plastics. We got it the same time. The cheap one is a little more rigid but hey I spent 29.95 on it .I crashed really hard many times over and just the hooks on the side panel broke but a drill and some very tiny quck ties solved it. You could get 3 for the price of one.

i agree for 1/3 the price you cant beat it

i got some for 50 buck and my friends dog knocked it over IN THE SAND and it snapped the front number plate.

They might be 1/3 the price but after you put a $50 set of graphics on and they last a week it wasn't such a sweet deal was it? I'll pay a little extra for a set that lasts a few seasons. The cheaper sets also sun bleach quickly.

Its true the expensive one is better. Too bad even if they were made of steel I would beat the crap out of it and have to get new ones before the year is up a couple of times.

Ill agree on the more expensive ones I have broken too many to blow the money on graphics just to break the cheap plastic

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