check out my Thumpertalk decals..


What seat you got fitted there?

Looks good. :thumbsup:

I put mine on the truck. Back window, lower left. Right above the Malibu sticker. ;-)

Ditto on the seat. What is it?



Don't think telco is home;

Got to be a Corbin seat with the ass dent in it already....

Costly but read it's the best for SUPER long halls...........

Must me the extra room for th 'boy's :bonk:

Yep, it has to be the Corbin. Here's a picture from Corbin's web site.



The Decals look great.

I have a question re: the seat. Is it a Corbin and if not what brand it it ?

Thank you.


Thanks for the info.

I need to get one. I have the Suzuki Gel and while its better then the stock its still rough.


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