TTR125 Head Porting & Intake Manifold Matching

Maybe Old question but did a search didn't come up with much results. So just asking again. Anyone did the Head porting and Intake Port matching to the Rubber Manifold attached to the Carb. Was there any diffrence thru the Power Band. Would Like to do the Port matching and see if this would help with the Airbox mods and Filter Mod that I did.

Modified the Foam Filter holder, Kinda Opened it up a bit to match the filter foam around the Cage. Felt something in performance,but could be my Imagination. Every little bit counts, till I get a 150 Big bore kit.

if your wanting a good bit more power id go with prowrolls 160 bbr 150 kit didnt make a whole lota diffrence :thumbsup:

Before you do ANY of that (porting, big bore, cams, etc) SHAVE The flywheel. Best thing you can do to these motors.

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