Help with helmet cam set up

Ok. I have a sony DCR-TRV350 camcorder just picked up a 480 line helmet cam and a sunpak remote (LANC). Now i put the camera in camera mode no picture thru helmet cam put it in VCR mode now i have a picture thru helmet cam but the only way to rec. is push rec. on top of video cam and the lanc does not work then. The paper that came with the helmet cam said set camcorder to 'line in' mode can't find that setting any were. If i can get the camcorder to work in camera mode with the helmet cam it will work. If anyone has this camcorder please help if you can or tell me what im doing wrong im going :thumbsup: . Thank you.

You have not done anything wrong, the camera has to be in VCR mode to record the "line in" from the helmet camera.

Lanc controls are nice but many have different options and/are programmable so I am not asure how much work it would be to get it going. I did not buy a lanc control and just push record and zip it away and off I go. You edit out the dull stuff later in XP Movie Maker....

ohh and you can download the complete manual on how to use the camera but if you saw the helmet camera in VCR mode than your line-in is already active. The menu button is used to get to the menu, the line in is an option under the first group, you scroll the groups using the thumb control and you select by pressing the thumb control straight in.

i am having the same problem as slr. the only difference is my system and lanc was working at one point. due to injury, i have been off of my bike for 4+ months and have not touched my camcorder (sony trv33) or helmet cam since before the injury. the few times i used the helmet cam before all i had to do was basically plug everyting up, put the camcorder in camera mode, hit the lanc button and that was that. or that's all i remember doing.

for some reason, i can't get the helmet cam to come through in the camera mode. i can get it going in vcr mode, but it's cumbersome and i can't use the lanc in this mode. any ideas on how to resolve this problem??? thanks

i had the same set up. try pressing the rec button on the lanc remote. for some reason when you turn everything on at first, you can not see what is in the actual helmet cam on the lcd on the camcorder until you press record. after you press the rec button on the lanc remote, it shows up in the lcd. if you have any q's pm me.

That worked. THANKS AUBURNU008!

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