Jetting Help after piston and cam install

05 CRF 250R

I just finished rebuilding my bike with a JE Hi Comp piston/ Hot Cams Stage 1/ and Big Gun Rev Box. I also added a External fuel screw at the same time.

The bike had a JD Jet kit allready installed and ran very strong before the rebuild. I have it all broken in and the bike now has a huge mid to top bog. Any ideas would be appreaciated. Thank you.

so when you acclerate hard off the corner,the bike revs and responds but gets to mid rpm bogs than goes again?

or just bogs when open the throttle quickly?

Bogs when you are accelerating going through the gears or coming out of a corner, then goes again.

what is your current jetting set up?

JD Kit w/ 180 Main / Red needle 5th clip I think / Quickshot

Would it being cold out that day have that much affect ? I just realized it was a little cold.

Thank you for all your help.

how cold?

40 Deg. I also just checked the valves and they were just a little tight, and I am in the process of reshiming.The bike is also taking about 15 kicks to start cold. Before it started 2nd kick.

once you get the valves shimmed use the method at the top of the forum in the sticky thread to set up your pilot circuit.

I just got it toghether. It started very quick and ran strong around the block. I guess I need to get it on the track and see if it is still bogging. Thank you very much for your help.

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