drz400sm vs xr650l

Long time lurker first time poster.

Im looking for a dual sport and have narrowed it down to the drz400sm or the xr650l. I can get a good deal on both bikes so price is not a factor. I will do mostly street riding but will do some off road. Im really cannt make up my mind. Has anybody on here rode both bikes? Any input would help me out alot. I want to get one soon spring time is just around the corner

For mostly street riding, I would get the XR650L. You will appreciate the extra power when on the road.

I was in the same spot a few months back and I did ride both bikes before buying settling on one. The XR650l has more HP and its a heavy bike which on paper makes it a good street bike. I then tried the DRZ its much lighter and down on HP but what a blast to ride. Its like a mountain bike with a motor where the XR650l felt more like a tank. Both bikes will be a good choice but I ride mostly street in city, twisty, very little freeway so the DRZ fit my needs the best. Good luck on the new toy.

I've rode both, and I'll I can say is-I coulden['t amagine sliding the 650 around turns.

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