whats the best oil

whats the best oil to use in my 525, let us know????? :thumbsup: i use mobil one in my o5 525 exc.... what do you use :bonk:


Shell Rotella T or Chevron Delo 400. Use it on everything in the house, except my Jetta TDI which uses Synthetic Rotella.

If these oils are good for diesel engines, then they more than enough for KTM.

Use/pay what you want! But that's what I am using.



wow i use shell rotella in my diesel. all try it in mt ktm.....

I use Motorex oil. I've been very happy with it, and it's recommended by KTM

Halfords own brand synthetic motorcycle oil 4w 40 :thumbsup:

it is the best you can get, motorex just haoppens to be the flavour of the month for KTM, it was shell last time :bonk:

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