best dual carb. performance

hi. i,ve got an 86 xr600r. after market slip on exhaust, opened up air box and k&n air filter. allready have gone up 2 sizes main jet. 127? if i remeber correctly. made quite a difference for the good. my question is with 2- 28mm carbs how can i get the most performance i can out of these carbs? moose stage 2 kit? main jet's are the only thing i have touched. i also may be going to 628 bore soon. thanks for any ideas. tim

i dont think there is any such thing as a jet kit for those.

sounds like youve got it pretty close.

make sure both slides open that the same time.

thanks for the quick reply. i,ve looked around and moose has a kit for 85-87. i,am wondering if this would be of any help. they say a stage 2 kit with up to 8% increase. maybe a possibility? what are the difference's or benifit's from stock ? also the secondary carb is a little offset from the primary (slide), if that is matched up with the primary would that maybe give it a little more? thank you for your advice. tim :thumbsup:

you can bend the fork in the linkage so both carb open the same.ive found that they work best this way.

moose kits are just repackaged dyno jet kits and i dont see it listed.they may have it mislabeled.could be xl600?

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