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Fork and Shock springs 06 kx250f

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2006 kx250f - rider wieght 130 lbs--

I am going to buy front springs and rear shock spring. I looked it up on race tech for the wieghts of the springs

Front= stock 0.460 kg/mm

motocross - 0.408 kg/mm

supercross - 0.428 kg/mm

arenacross - 0.418 kg/mm

Rear= stock 5.0 kg/mm

motocross - 4.76 kg/mm

supercross - 4.96 kg/mm

I have 2 questions. 1 is I should probably go with the motocross setup becuase I ride on tight stadium type tracks 60% of the time but they are not as technical as a real professional supercross track, but I do ride on motocross tracks the other 40% of the time do you think this is the right thing to do? The stock wieght fork oil is 5w correct?

Also, for the rear shock spring.... well its titanium, and putting in a non titanium spring is a downgrade so, where can i get a softer titanium spring at?

or should i just keep the rear spring stock.

I set the sag on the bike, it dropped 1.25 inches stock when i sat on it LOL. so I backed the collars off and set it to have 4 inches or 100-105 mm's. WOW that made a huge friggen difference in handling I gained like 5-10 % more speed around the track i didnt realize how much it would help

So it is set up and seems to feel nice, would the rear spring really help?

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if you are gonna ride pretty much half MX and half SX than i would go with the AX front for fork springs because it is right in the middle of the SX and MX suggestions that race tech gave you. And as for the shock, you said it made a big difference after you set the sag and everything up right, so i would leave it cause if you put it on and dont like it you are screwed. But later on, after testing the forks out, if you think you need a new rear shock spring go ahead and order it cause it isnt as much as a down grade as you think, it will be the correct spring rate for you size and riding ability.

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