JD Jetting CRF450R 06 Problems


47 degrees

Problem is that from idle to fast open throttle, it bogs.


Stock bike - fine (no jd kit yet)

Added boysen quickshot - fine

Added PC Ti4 GP system - Bog begins

Added JD Kit

- Blue needle clip position 5 from top (instructions said position 4 but I miss counted, oops)

- 180 MJ

- Fuel screw 1 3/4 out - still bogging - turned fuel screw gradually until fully in with no change.

Repeated these steps with 175, 172, 170, 168, 165 MJ's with no change.

With 165 MJ left in I moved the needle clip one higher (pos 4) and no change.

Moved two clips higher (pos 2), no change.

Changed MJ to 175 and clip to position 6. Again turning the fuel scew in, no change. Turned fuel scew out and started popping.

Stopped here so I don't piss off the neighbours, hopefully start tomorrow if the guru's help in time. I have no idea where to go next because I don't feel like the bike is giving me any feedback.

your are riding while testing right?


I take it i should be? :thumbsup:

yes,go back to the suggested setting.then take it out for a test.

what it does in nuetral on the stand is not a real indicator of the jetting.

Ok, will do, thanks.

Thing is I don't remember it doing this on the stand before but this bike is pretty new and I am new to the 4 strokes.

Thanks for you quick response by the way, you are good man :thumbsup:

Burned, please can you help me again. Its seems I have been really messing up here.

I tried to follow your sticky for the pilot jet circuit and mistook it for the MJ's in my JD kit so I need to start again.

I am going to go back to the 180 MJ and blue needle in clip 4. Then bike on stand I am going to determine my pilot circuit, starting by turning the fuel screw 1 3/4 turns out.

Ok, I have been turning the screw in to lean out the circuit and nothing has happened. Should I have turned it out to find the peak if I could not notice any change by turning it in? Therefore if I find a peak when going past 2 turns out I would need a bigger pilot jet?

Is this correct? If so, what size pilot jet would you recomend? My PJ is stock at the moment.

Sorry to be a pain in the butt!

if you turn the fuel screw full in with no change you need a smaller pilot jet.

Waiting for pilot #40

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