z50r losing compression...new top end???

when i let my bike sit fora few hours from being ridien it just wont start for about 20 kicks and then takes a while for it to warm up and wont start with the choke on just with the choke off??? would a new plug do it or am i losing compreesion.. its a 95 so i dont know

Well i would put some new gas in and try a new plug before i do a rebuild thats 4 sure.

Check your valves, if they are tightening up, you're loosing compression.

yup ill try it

This is the knock off forum. Don't post GOOD HONDA questions here. Post them in the XR/CRF 50/70 forum. That's where HONDA questions go. And about the bike. Put in new gas, adjust the valves, clean the carburetor, replace the spark plug, and go!

This is the knock off forum.

it's actually the Pit Bike forum, crf's are classified as pitbikes now days.

The Honda forum is much more suited for quality bikes.

So the quality of the bike is some how associated with the capability of these riders to help him out?! Considering how many people here ride Honda 50's I think this was a fine place to post questions.

Take your slander elsewhere, because thats what it is. Maybe I think your 22 year old bike is a piece of crap but I dont throw subliminal jabs at you about it.

The Honda forum is much more suited for quality bikes.

The 'Honda' section doesn't have a spot for z50s. He posted in the right place. Drop the bias if you're going to stay, if you can't, troll elsewhere.

Back to the thread...

Have you had a chance to play with that motor some more?


Ok, check the valves next.

After that, the only thing to do is get new rings and hone the cylinder. The rings are cheap at http://www.bikebandit.com/ and the hone can be found on froogle. That's where I got the parts for my bike. And the Z50r's have the same engine as a CRF50 so a compression question COULD be posted in the CRF50 forum. I just THINK that the people there might have some better information. Any other questions like about swingarms, forks, and graphics could be posted in either forum, or both.

I'm sorry for acting like I'm racist agaist pit-bikes. I'm just a Honda fan.

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