ruts and treeeeeees

any tips for going threw ruts cause when my trails were wicked muddy i gassed it around every corner now iam stuck with like 1 foot or 6 inch ruts

and any tips on going over trees ? like trees that are down cause i was going threw a trail and there was a tree and i sacked my self while going over it (i hit the gas cap)

do u rely alot on the front brake

no i was going and i hit the tree and i came flying forword and hit the gas cap i didnt see the tree

try gassing it hard before you get to the tree and either wheelie over or jump it, its quite fun once you get the hang of it, my 150 does it no prob., wouldnt wanna get shown up by a honda guy would ya :thumbsup: and once you get the hang of it its second nature to do it!! it also works well when there is a little log or tree with a larger one right behind it just wheelie or hit the first one with a light front end and it will do everything with no energy wasted.

so what about ruts?

in the summer i just go back with the 4x4 quad and smooth them out. Just ride until then then go back and smooth. but singletrack i just leave, makes the terrain ever-changing

just playride the crap out of that 125 and you'll get the hang of it all

ya i got a big pile of dirt near the enterance ill jsut fill the wheel barrel and walk around the trails i hate ruts but i gotta get used to them so i think i will leave them

Ruts are not that big a deal once you learn to relax. First and foremost, dont look at the rut........just relax and let bike do what it wants.

If the rut is in a corner, brake before you get there, let the bike fall into the rut, put your foot out over the rut by the wheel in the direction of the turn, look ahead, lean over and gas it....if the rut is on a straight away, stand up, shift your weight toward the back to lighten the front end, then hit the throttle once you fall into the rut....the idea is to keep the front end as light as possible through the rut so you dont get crossed up....just look down the trail, loosen up, and let the bike pinball underneath you and track through .....hope this helps....whats the worst that can happen? you fall over, pick it up, and try again. :thumbsup:

ok guys thanks for the help

ya i got a big pile of dirt near the enterance ill jsut fill the wheel barrel and walk around the trails i hate ruts but i gotta get used to them so i think i will leave them

Don't waste your time filling them back in like that. You need a bobcat or something bigger to actually pack down and harden the dirt.

Try to cross downed trees at a 90 deg angle. If you don't your wheel will follow it rather than go where you're pointing, and you'll bite it.

Two main methods to crossing trees. Beginners method is to wheelie over it with your weight well back (standing, of course). Let the back tire hit the tree and bump you over. You'll also probably have to use this on huge logs no matter how fast you are. If the log's as big as your front tire, stick with this method.

A bit more advanced method for less dangerous logs requires a bit of practice and timing, but works better. As you approach the log, maintain steady speed, stand up on the pegs with your weight centered (neither front not back biased). Before your front tire hits the log, fully compress the suspension. Your front tire should hit the log as your suspension is rebounding. At that exact moment, blip the throttle, and your bike will jump right over. Obviously this won't work on huge logs. Start small and work your way up. It's fun!

As for ruts, use 'em when you can, keep your weight back on the straight ones, and your leg out on the curved ones. Look ahead and gas it.

LIke Barton implied, ruts make flat turns easier. You can carry much more speed through a turn with a rut and not worry about low-siding.

What's a wheel barrel?

your joking, right? click on images

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