yz250 2006 exhaust

best exhaust for '06 yz250 some1 try DEP pipes and silencer ? or what is the best?

IMHO............Doma makes the best pipe for a YZ250

DEP makes the best pipe for a YZ125

So far the best pipe I have tryed is the stock pipe, I tryed the doma, very good pipe,great bottom and mid, but lost a little on top, DEP lost alot of botom and mid, but rev'ed well? didnt care for the DEP.

Going to try the HGS soon I hope. :thumbsup:

Makes me feel better that I bought off ebay a brand new '06 pipe & silencer (new take off part) for $102 total.

I dont know if its the best but I got a FMF Factory Fatty and a Titanium 2 muffler... it increased the hit, and let you rev-out longer.. I would get an gnarly or something with a thicker guage next time though, the fatty dents very easily!!!

Some guys around here like the stocker with a Pro Circuit silencer.

i really like my zip-ty racing p&s. needs a pipe guard though(thin gauge)

how is the gains of the zipty pipe? how does it look aand sound?

how is the gains of the zipty pipe? how does it look aand sound?

looks and sounds awesome.

check ty`s web site to se photos.


it is also made from a mild stainless steel so clean up is much easyer than say a pc or fmf unplated.

he also has a ti coated finnish pipe

great woods or mx pipe.

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