CMC racing rip off must read

January 15th Cahuilla Creek hosted the second round of the Golden State Nationals. the races were only 4 laps due to the short days, by the second moto they reduced the laps to 3 laps. Then they only raced up to moto 15 leaving the last 6 motos high and dry. They showed no compasion to the out of luck racers and only issues refunds after most of the people had already gone home disappointed. This is no way to run a race, if you have friends who race tell them about what happen, so the same thing doesnt happen to them. CMC they'll dont have a problem taking your money, but they sure do make it difficult to get your money back even after they don't complete their obligations.

Wow that sucks for the people who lost their money. Doesn't sound very professional. I've ridden practice there and can't wait to go back. Dunno if I want to race there..

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