O dear god, Off comes gas tank and the vent hose is not hooked up

so I'm going to change my head gasket right, so i take off the gas tank and see that the vent hose from the valve cover is disconnected

and its been like that for a while because the last time that was messed with was when the shop adjusted my valves...

Am I done for?

Yes, the worlds going to end in a matter of seconds.

Pop that valve cover open, and take a peak inside. The inlet for that vent, is big on the outside, but gets very small. There might be a screw on the inside of the valve cover, pop that open and see if there is any dirt under there. I'm almost positive there is a screw with a little shield type thing.

geez on top of that there is a rubber setting dealy missing from where the two bolts hold the cover on...

Never taking my bike back to Berts regardless...

I knew something was up when I first got the bike back the guy tried starting it. Didn't work. He looked down and realized the Spark plug cap wasnt in...


Dirt in the valve cover is not the main concern. Dirt that got sucked into the airboot is. Check the airboot and carb.

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