Oil cooler Guard???

Has anyone seen a guard for the oil cooler on the 650. The stock one helpes with crashes but i ride on alot of brushy trails and would like to guard the oilcooler from sticks. Any Ideas???

Since you posted this, I thought I saw one on a site somewhere, so I have been looking around and can not find anything that would serve your purpose. I thought of your problem too, but not just from small trees and sticks puncturing the cooling fins, I was also thinking of kicked up stones and other debris. You could consider a fabricated framed out cage with a mesh grating to cover it. You would just need to find a metal fabricator now.

thats one tough oil cooler


this thing sees rocks trees and dirt on a regular basis and still cooling not saying that you should do the same to yours. If your riding hair scramble single track at a fast pace than you need to think about a tougher guard if not don't worry the OEM works good.

Look at how close the back of the fender comes to the cooler. A guard would have to be flush against the cooler but expanded metal should work.

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