Her She Is!!!

Looks really good. Hows that dual exhaust coming along? lol

Very nice. Where do you get the money for this stuff? No offense but the duct tape stickers looks kinda stupid. Kinda like the Honda H logo I have on mine. Still need to take that off. Very nice though. How's the exhauast sound? Looks badass.

that exhaust is mint

lol its really deep sounf and one race the header turned blue and orange, its sick. really good sound, ya i now the #s are gay but 12 bucks for 3 is alot a money for the stickers, and i get the money from work and X-mas, ya thks for the tank shroud an ill keep u guys up dated


exhaust is on back order) just kidding it being held off for a while thks

losen your chain a little,

and your dog looks happy :-)

I think matching red # plates would look even better too, but yeah get some real #s and mabey remove all other decals..

losen your chain a little,

and your dog looks happy :-)

Man, I was going to say those exact same things. :thumbsup:

ok i put # on last night and i dont have the money for the plastic rite now but ill think about it lol

nice pipe ,check my sons out ,we just started$$$$$(in garage)

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