Doug Harvey Suspension

Has anyone had thier suspension done by him before. I have heard some really good things about him and his work. He gave me an estimate of 620 dollars to do my fork and shock on my yz 426. That included revalve and heavier springs( I am a big boy). Is this a good price compared to other such as Race Tech or Pro Action? I ride 95% woods in Florida or Georgia. Thanks :thumbsup:

He did the suspension of my 450YZ..awesome. I just bought 525 KTM & he will do the suspension on this bike aswell. He's local, Deland Florida.

I have talked with him as well, and also talked to some people at local tracks about him and his work and heard nothing but good things about him and his work.

I have had something done by Doug on every bike that I own or have owned. From total suspension rework (springs, valves, guides, bushings, the works) of front and rear to a simple race sag setting. He has always been good and fair. The best thing is that you can get in touch with him almost any time and he goes to almost all the FTR races so getting something done is not a problem. He also stands behind what he does. If he tweeks on the bike and you go ride it and it needs a little something different just go back and he will tweek some more.

My '01 400MXC was done by Doug; great job. Tom Flemming is another who has done a lot of suspension work for the Florida Trail Riders group. I hear he is phenominal. He has a set of 42 and 44# springs for my front end, just need to find some time to meet up with him and get them installed.

Doug has done all my bikes, and Ive been nothing but all smiles, along with a couple of my friends who ride 05' crf450's.

He travels to almost all the FTR sanctioned events, so he isnt hard to find if you need help to sort things out later. :thumbsup:

He did my shock while I waited. It took about an hour. Completely cleaned and rebuilt like new. No complaints here.

I had his touch on my CR250 (miss you baby!), and it worked well for me (220 pounds).

he is at most of the FTR events

I haven't had anything done by him yet but he seems like and awesome guy and my bike is going to him next week. All my friends have had work done by him and he is talked about very highly.

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