Is it ok to flame a dealer that stinks?

All this talk about being sued is paranoia :thumbsup:

You'd just about have to post your real name, address and phone number to have a problem. You might want to give us all your SSN while you're at it :bonk:

Seriously, go ahead and flame. ID'ing shi**y dealers is one of the things that make this forum worthwhile. And if you give specifics and the dealer reads about it, something might get done to fix the problem.

I guess my flaming would be at the dealership itself. I just starting being a BIG smartass/*******. I talk to the people like they are stupid untill I get someone who isn't. I'm just not a nice person when I am made to look like an idiot. Escpecially when I am right. They guy with the blond tipped dark brown hair, 5 earings, gold watch, matching necklace, and 4 rings is the kind of guy that gets his ass kicked where I am from. That happens to be the next county and likewise for the rest of the counties on this side of the lake. You guys look the town up and the dealership.

Find "M _ _ _ _ _ " State University west of Kentucky Lake. You should be able to go from there.

Why are Y'all afraid to post dealer names? This forum is based on opinion.... right? It's all subjective, just like I think Bush is a moron....... I can state that without fear of persecution. oh-oh..... now theres a helicopter circling overhead.... everybody, hide.


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