Cylinder Head Side Bolt

What is the cylinder head side bolt for? I notice it is on older model cylinders, but my 05 does not have it, and I cannot figure it from the fiche except that it seems to keep the chain from falling, maybe limits the travel of the cam tensioners? Anyone? Why did Suzuki modify it away? :thumbsup:

Keep the cam chain from falling.

Not there because it doesn't need to be there.

Yep, what Nate said :thumbsup:

Thanks, in my TLR and TLS it ran an idler that drove the cams, which made them easy to timne and remove, seemed silly on the DR, apparently the SV has it too. Silly Suzuki.

Thanks for the quicl answer guys! :thumbsup::bonk:

On the bikes that do have the side bolt...take it out and RTV a small flat disc of aluminium in its place... the weight savings is worth several hp on the psyco dyno! :bonk::thumbsup: Andrew

i miss the was handy to hold the cam chain.

Have never had an issue with the klx but my on my tengai the cam chain slipped down into the nether regions of the engine. Required a hasty tear down and overnighted gaskets just so I could leave on time for a trip to alaska. I would love to have the bolt just for security reasons.

I just let mine go down on my KXF usually, my handy extendable magnet works well for retrieval.

its no issue,i just them go as was just handy.

I put a long zip-ty on the cam chain in between the cams and then just let the chain go...the zip-ty gives you a handle to retrieve the chain with later, and it being in the middle gives you a point of reference of where the middle of the chain was before... :thumbsup:

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