yz 426 hare scramble tips

hey here starting feburary 5th im going to start racing hare scrambles here in ky and tenesse. i was just wonderin if any of yall had some tips for a first time racer. i have never competed in any organized racing event before but i i have alot of talent on a dirtbike or so im told by everyone. im 16 years old and will be racing my 2002 yz 426. ohh yeah and what do yall think about my machine.100_1790.jpg100_1797.jpg

just go through and check over every parts on your bike and make sure its snug go around and thighten shourds fenders seat just to make sure they wont fall off in the middle of the race and get a camel pack i like to put 1 part gatorade to 2 parts water dont taste amazing but its better for you then straigh gatorade (caus ull get cramps) and itll get you all that stuff you need. i aint got ridin tips caus everybody rides differentbut i have one thing to say

RIDE IT LIKE YA STOLE IT!!!!!!!!!!! :bonk::thumbsup::eek: o and i guess the most important have fun :thumbsup:

Go for the hole shot. There is almost always a pile up in the first mile so you need to get out infront of it if you want a chance at a good finish. Also invest in some Michelin MS3's and heavy duty tubes. You will pass alot of people that are having traction problems. If you are going to do some deep water crossings you will want to re-route your carb vent hoses into the air box so the bike doesnt stall in the water. Give it all you got and dont be afraid to pass. Good luck man!

i cant exatly buy a new set of tires right now because i just put on new rear maxxis IT and on the front a new dunlop d756. i also have a camel back. thanks for all the tips and keep em comin. ohh yeah what do yall think about my bike i put a new set of graphics and # plate backgrounds which by the way are a bi*** to put on lol.

I have raced hare scrambles for 4 years now. Getting out in front off the start is key.I don't know how your tracks will be but most of ours are dusty and tight. Get a good start and pace yourself. If someone is faster than you (or thinks he is) let them by and ride their butt.They will make a mistake, then you can gap them. The thing is You won't catch what you can't see!!! Minimize your mistakes and set a good pace and you will do fine. AND HAVE FUN!!!!! :eek: That's what it's all about anyway. :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup:

My guess is you are going to do a mid south hs?? Done a bunch of them. Sparta Tenn next weekend? We will be there. As a father of a 21 yr old, I spent much money fixing his bike after his crashes. My advice to you is relax and make a promise to yourself to back it done a notch and just finish. If you can finish your first hare scrambles at 16 without crashing you will have hit a home run. It is very easy for your adrenelin to take over. Don't let it!

yep thats where im headded lol. thanks for the good tips

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