My first thumper


Here is a picture of my first fourstroke, and man I am loving it, I have been posting it every where since I learned how to use this photobucket!! :thumbsup:

sweet bike! get out there and enjoy it:)

That bike needs some DIRT :thumbsup: Nice!

sweet bike! get out there and enjoy it:)

Oh I have been enjoying it for about 4 mos now but the last 2 weekends the weather has sucked (either raining or 20 degrees) but this weekend is only slight chance saturday evening for rain! So I am definitely there dude!!!

Oh and thanks !!!

Congratulations:ride: 450 right?

Very Nice!

Congratulations:ride: 450 right?

Yeah its a 450!!

Nice Bike, Enjoy.

Nice, nothing beats a new 4stroker.

You going to polish the frame?

You going to polish the frame?

I thought I might after I have had it a while.

Very nice bike!!! :bonk: Good luck with it! :thumbsup:

Sweet, but you should have gotten a Yami. JK. Nice bike have fun.. :thumbsup:

Nice :thumbsup: long live the big bore thumpers!

Sweet looking bike. :thumbsup:

hey I need a thumper. Love my 2smoker but in about 3 years want to trade? lol jk

Nice bike!


Only thing missing is dirt on it

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