Arm pump - exercise the forearms??

I've read the threads and I'm still confused on whether I should exercise my forearms to reduce arm pump or not. Some say the bigger your forearms the worse the arm pump. Help!

Beating the meat more often reduces arm pump

LOL....too funny the previous reply. Arm pump is a problem for everyone at times as far as I know. Might consider a handlebar adjustment and/or grip change. Also, try to figure out when you can peg steer and relax your grip. When I get arm pump I slow down and try to find the center or "sweat spot" then relax and crank it on. More steering and control without fighting the bars is the way to go IME. :thumbsup:


Good advice. I'll have to be careful not to over develop the arm muscles, don't want to look like Popeye! Getting over arm pump might be more fun than racing.

I dont get arm pump really, my biggest problem is my hands, thumb getting tired and cant hold on the bars by half way through the days, I hit a jump and the hand slips off unexpectantly.

I hit a jump and the hand slips off unexpectantly.



Well then, take your other hand off and land it! :thumbsup:

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