Changing oil with Utah Designs skid plate

I have read many posts recommending the Utah Designs skid plate. Before I buy one, can anyone with a Utah Designs skid plate tell me how to change my oil easily and neatly with the plate left installed? I don't want to spend another $100 bucks for the equipment recommended on one post just to change the oil.

If not, does anyone recommend any other skid plates that offer similar protection but that are oil change friendly?

Its actually pretty easy. Just do it like you normally would, except hold the cap, screen, and spring in far enough that the oil does come out so fast it spills all over the skid plate. You should be able to get the oil to drain right through the hole. And if you get a little oil on it, its really a big deal anyway.

At least that's how I do it anyway :thumbsup:

No problem changing the oil with the plate. The way the bike is leaned over on the stand helps it drain right out, only a minimun amount ever gets on the plate, but you can wipe it dry. The skid plate totally rocks and provides excellent protection from rocks and low-speed crashes...I know from experience :thumbsup: I also recommend getting the Acerbis Rally Pro handguards, they sure save levers from braking when it's on its side :bonk:

matt takes about 2 minutes to take a skid plate off. I'd rather do that than have oil drip on the skid plate mixed with dirt.

I had the same thought as you originally -- didn't want to bother taking the skid plate off for oil changes. But it's so easy, I prefer to do it now.

I take mine off too.

Oil is gonna spill a little, no matter what brand of plate you have.

BTW, Utah's skidplate is the best out there for the money... IMHO...


its easier to take it off..but on the 250's we have the oil drain underneath and theres an opening in the skid plate so u just pop the bolt off and your good to go

I buy a funnel with a large opening (large enough to get the socket wrench up inside it), and I trim it down so it just fits between the skid and the engine. Put it in when I install the skid, and leave it in there all the time.

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