04/05 WR Leak Jet Question

I am re jetting an 05 WR 250F, have a JD jet Kit, Zip Ty fuel screw, AM exhaust and opened the air box. This question is for anyone who added a 40 leak jet. Did you have to adjust the AP or did the 40 eliminate bog without AP adjustment? Based on former posts, adjusting the AP seem like quite a chore.

Truth is, no one can tell you how it will work on your bike. They're all a bit different, so the best thing to do is just try it and see. Most people don't have to go through all the "timing the squirt duration" stuff. That info was mainly provided to help the few people for whom the 40 LJ didn't work, or those who wanted to fine tune the AP a bit better. You won't know if you fall in those categories until you try it.

If the 40 LJ doesn't cure the bog, it may require a few more tweaks. Here are a few things to pay attention to when dealing with the bog.

1.) Make sure your idle speed is set to the factory recommended 1900 rpm.

2.) Be sure your pilot circuit is tuned to a crisp idle. TT Mod Burned has an excellent sticky at the top of the jetting forum to help you get this right.

3.) Make sure that your needle position is set so that you get a crisp response at mid-throttle positions.

4.) If it still bogs, you may want to adjust the AP timing. This is outlined in your manual, and you should set it so the squirt just misses the slide as it is going up.

I know this sounds like a lot of work, and it might be if you have to go through all of it. Most people don't have to, and you're going to do steps 1-3 anyway if you're re-jetting. Get your jetting right, and install the 40 leak jet and see where you stand. If you're not satisfied, you can always dig in deeper. Any questions, just ask.

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