Had a cyst removed from my wrist a while back and now that I'm back at work (autoworker, pretty physical, repetitive) I have pain that seems to be associated with my thumb.

When moving my thumb in a full range of motion circle or when I pinch something it hurts from about one to four inches past my wrist on the ulna side. Slight swelling.

Is there a miracle cure for this?

So far I have used ice, heat, relafin (sp), and flex all.

With my job I can't rest it and by lunch it hurts bad enough I can't hardly stand it.

Thanks for the help.

No miracles today.

It sounds like DeQuervain't tendonitis. The old term is DeQuervain's tendovaginitis (don't ask my why, LOL)

Try a wrist brace from Wallgreens and Advil 4 tabs, 4 times per day before you involve the doctors with sharp instruments.

You would probably need a wrist brace with a thumb brace that prevents your thumb from moving too much. A regular wrist brace only prevents motion at the wrist, however, a spica splint will prevent motion at the thumb as well. I am not sure but you might be able to find this at a drug store. Wear it especially at night while you sleep.

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